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Welcome to the United Church of God - Tulsa, Oklahoma congregation

Is God calling you to understand and to live the way that He directs us to in His Word? If so, join us as we repent of human-devised traditions and deeds that have long subjected humanity to division, greed and fractured relationships between ourselves and our God. And let us strive together to discover and apply His directives that lead to peace, joy and harmony along with the gift of eternal life in God's divine family.

Our congregation meets on the seventh-day Sabbath and on all of God's Holy Days as commanded in the Bible. Our mission is to preach the true gospel of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God and encourage the observance of all things He commands of us. For meeting times and location information, click here.

We welcome visitors who wish to worship in peace with us at our Sabbath or Holy Day Services. Feel free to click the "Contact" link above and give me a call or send a message.
May God bless you as you seek to do His will,

 -Ed Dowd, pastor

Sunset this Friday

Friday, 7:24 PM*
September 19, 2014
*time is an approximation

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